The SEED-R-ATOR™ is a lawn device used to aerate and seed grass into those thin, bare, brown spots in the lawn created by pets, lawn disease, winter kill or even golf divots. The SEED-R-ATOR™ consists of a hollow tube or chamber designed to hold and store grass seed. The length, which is just over four feet long, helps to preserve the user’s back, no more bending or stooping to plant grass seeds. These aeration spikes are designed to aerate the bare spots introducing oxygen into the soil as well as creating the seed – to – soil contact which is so imperative to growing grass. These spikes also benefit the user by eliminating the need to dethatch the dead grass. The new grass grows right through the old, dead grass. This process is similar to no-till farming. The clear plastic tube at the end helps the user gauge when to refill the chamber. The low clearance to the ground allows for seeding in even windy conditions. The SEED-R-ATOR™ also has an adjustable seed regulator which allows the user to distribute only the minimal amount of grass seed needed to perform the job or it may be closed completely so it does not allow any seed to fall and therefore function only as an aerator. The cap at the end covers the aerator spikes to provide safety to the user when not in use or when transporting. It can be easily stored on the wall in the garage or gardening shed for easy access.

With the SEED-R-ATOR™, grass, spot seeding can now be performed in 3 easy steps.

  1. Fill the SEED-R-ATOR™ with grass seed of your choice.
  2. Aerate and seed into the brown or bare spot.
  3. Water.
-No Dethatching -No Raking -No Bending
-No Stooping -No Kneeling -No Extra Soil 
-No Fertilizing -No Expensive Patch Repair Kits

IT’S AS EASY AS 1-2-3!!!